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Top 5 Chill Roll American Manufacturers

Chilled Roll

Chill Rolls are used in various industrial plants such as flour, food, packaging mill etc. There are several aspects to consider while buying a roll for your manufacturing unit. Major aspects to this product are roll construction, materials and surface finish.

Here are five manufacturers who provide rolls to USA and International Market!


Maxcess is one of the historical forged rolls and other products manufacturers based in USA with 340 years of global service. It has operations all over the world. A combination of manufacturing and innovative expertise determines its success. It has also merged with Rotometrics, the global leader in the manufacturing of precision cutting dies and support tooling solutions.
Maxccess is also known for its aftermarket support!


RollTech was founded in 1972 by Lewis Walker Sr. and it is based in South Carolina, USA. They serve a multiple industries such as Aerospace, Wind Energy, Military, Solar, Medical and others. Coating Rolls, Heat Transfer Rolls, Calender Rolls and laminating rolls are only some of the products included in the catalogue.


Delta T systems 

Delta T Systems “Easy to deal with, hard to do without” has more than 160 years of experience and knowledge in the rolling industry. They have developed a technical solution that uses VNC client connection to monitor HMI display remotely thus allowing the personnel to interact and control the speed chiller product line, from anywhere, anytime.

Labtech Engineering 

Labtech Engineering mainly serves USA with scientific polymer processing machines and chill rolls. Known for their excellent customer service they are able to provide you with a quotation and aftermarket support. 

Watch their Video for 5 Layers Compact Film Blowing Line!!

American Roller Company

American Roller Company provides quality forged rolls, parts, components and product knowledge. It has 75 years of experience and offers technical innovation and outstanding customer service. It offers Value Added Services.

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